Coated Diamond Cool Groove Nail Drill Bits


      Cool Groove Nail Drill bits are an extremely innovative addition to e-file manicures. These drill bits feature non-standard cross cuts on the surface of diamond cutters, with a depth of 0.1 mm. These cuts enhance air circulation, preventing overheating of the treated surface and ensuring greater comfort during the manicure process. This leads to faster and cleaner manicures.

      Benefits of using Cool Groove Nail Drill bits:

      • Better heat dissipation
      • Sharper than regular diamond bits
      • Longer-lasting compared to regular diamond bits
      • The diamond coating has a hexagonal shape, providing increased durability.

      A unique coating added other a range of advantages to enhance nail care experience:

      • reduced material sticking, enhance working smoothly without interruptions;
      • longer lifetime, ensuring that bit remains durable and reliable over time;
      • enhanced resistance to sterilization, making it easier to keep it hygienic and free from contaminants
      • minimal overheating, providing comfortable treatments;
      • better biocompatibility.
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