Exclusive Cuticle Nipper model Ultra 0S - 7 mm gaw

Exclusive Cuticle Nipper model Ultra 0S - 7 mm gaw

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Exclusive Professional  Cuticle Nipper with manually sharpened and polished 7 mm jaw, hand–assembled joint and smooth double spring.  It is easy to adjust the blades using hex key. This Cuticle Nipper is absolutely precise and very comfortable for smooth cutting.

This cuticle nipper comes in the “Boat” model with an approximately 45° cutting angle.

Exclusive Professional  Cuticle Nippers are made  of high–alloy stainless steel using  hot forged  are extremely  reliable, they guarantee unprecedented cutting edge durability. The manually sharpened blades are perfectly adjusted to lift and snip the cuticle easily. Qualified skilled craftsmen sharpen and polish each cuticle nipper manually, providing extraordinary sharp blades for quick and efficient cut.

It withstands repeated sterilization without rusting or corroding. Vacuum heat treatment ensures stainless steel hardness (48–50 HRC) which prolongs service life (more then 5 years).                                      

Length — 120mm; handles — 90mm; jaw —7mm.  

Leather case included.