Manicure Set “Optimal Professional”

Manicure Set “Optimal Professional”

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“Optimal Professional” set includes five most popular manicure and pedicure tools and a genuine leather case. This model is one of the most optimal for professionals

  1. Cuticle Nipper model S with manually sharpened 6–7 mm jaw, long handles and a smooth double spring.
  1. Nail Nipper model N–XS, designed for cutting thickened nails such as toenails or acrylic nails. Manually sharpened and polished blades and a hand–adjusted joint guarantee perfect work.
  1. Classic Cuticle Scissors OS–100 with a manually sharpened blade and a hand–adjusted joint. Curved blades and precise fine tip guarantee perfect cuticle cutting.
  1. Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner model OP–01 is made of premium quality stainless steel with manually polished edges. The tool is used to prepare nails for manicure and pedicure services. The curved end of Pusher is designed to follow the natural nail shape for easy cuticle removal. The other end is designed as a hatchet to clean under nails.
  1. (optional) Traditional Tweezers model OT–1 with straight manually sharpened and polished tip and wide handles. This model ensures perfect hair grip and comfortable use. Designed for eyebrow correction.