Manicure Set “Professional Square”

Manicure Set “Professional Square”

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Functional set includes ten popular manicure and pedicure tools and a genuine leather case with zipper to ensure durability


  1. Cuticle Nipper model K–01 with straight 13–14 mm jaw. Special finger grooves ensure maximum comfort during work.
  2. Manually sharpened multi-purpose Nail Nipper model KM–06 with 14 mm jaw and a double spring for smooth
  3. The most narrow Cuticle Scissors
    model N–07
    with elongated manually sharpened 25 mm blades.
  4. Wide Nail Scissors model N–06 with manually sharpened and polished 24–25 mm blades. These massive scissors are
    designed for cutting natural and acrylic nails without splitting or cracking.
  5. Double–sided Ingrown Toenail File LV–03 with narrow sharp file parts helps to treat painful ingrown toenails. The flat end gently removes ingrown toenail, while the curved end polishes uneven corners to relieve ingrown toenail problems.
  6. Two–in–one Pusher and Hatchet model L–02 with manually polished edges. The curved end of Pusher is designed for easy cuticle removal. The other end is designed as a hatchet to clean under nails.
  7. Cuticle Pusher L–04 with manually polished slant edge, which removes the cuticle without scraping the natural nail.
  8. Tweezers model P–07 with wide sides and slant tip ensure comfortable use and perfect flexibility.
  9. Narrow Tweezers model P–08 with aligned tips and wide sides. This model ensures accuracy during eyebrow correction and modeling nail patterns.
  10. Crystal File 90 mm is manufactured from heat–strengthened glass. This File ensures gentle nail care and unlimited durability.