Sharpening of Cuticle and Nail Nippers, Scissors, Knives and other blades

U-TOOLS offers professional sharpening services for all Manicure and Pedicure tools. We do service work for all the major brands and models. We use the finest, up-to-date special sharpening and polishing machines designed to sharpen Manicure and Pedicure tools only. We do top-quality service work for all the major brands and models.

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Every item will undergo the following:

  • Assessment of the condition of your tools and cleaning prior to sharpening
  • Tension adjustment of the tool
  • Sterilization
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Slippage test of tool blades


Cuticle and Nail Nippers: $7.00 + Shipping (if applicable)

Cuticle and Nail Nippers Scissors: $7.00 + Shipping (if applicable)

Pushers and Tweezers: $7.00 + Shipping (if applicable)

Tailor, Hairdresser Scissors: $25.00 + Shipping (if applicable)

Knives and Blades: tier 1 (Japanese knives and other high-quality steel) $2.00/cm, minimum $30 per knife + Shipping (if applicable);
tier 2 (regular knives) $1.00/cm, minimum $15 per knife + Shipping (if applicable);


Shipping options :

1. Self-Delivery

You can bring your tools to our location in Mississauga East near Sherway Gardens (no charge). Please arrange a time by calling us at +1 647 997 5731 or emailing at least 24 hours in advance

2. Pick-up

If you are located in the GTA area, Ontario - We can pick up your tools for sharpening and return them for $5 each way, $10 total. Delivery is usually done on Wednesdays. 

3. Send by mail

The shipping would be serviced by Canada post. For a small-sized, padded envelope (i.e. up to 2 pairs of scissors) the cost is approximately:

Within Canada

• $5.00 for regular letter service (no tracking number),

• $12.00 with tracking number

Outside of Canada (to the USA)

• $5.00 for regular letter service (no tracking number),

• $20.00 with tracking number

You should send us all your tools in a padded envelope (i.e. bubble lined).

We will fulfil the services and send the tools back to you. Full payment is expected after the tools have been serviced and received by you.


Please note, we are committed to providing quick and professional service, however, the shipping services are beyond our control and it might take up to a couple of weeks to receive your tools.


Mail Shipping Instructions


To ensure service please follow the steps when placing the order:

  1. Before mailing your tools, please send us an email to with your name, contact info and number/type of tools.
  2. We will send you a confirmation email with the approximate shipping cost, and the mailing address to where you shall send your tools to.
  3. After receiving the confirmation email please send your tools in a padded envelope to the shipping address included in the confirmation email.
  4. Please provide us with a tracking number (if any).

After the tools are sharpened, we will send them back in a padded envelope and notify you by email that your tools have been shipped.




An electronic invoice that includes service and shipping cost will be sent to you by email. Please notify us when you receive your tools. Payment can be made using Interac e-transfer or Paypal to <>.