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When it comes to dependable tool sharpening services, look no further than U-tools.

At U-tools, we specialize in professional sharpening services for a wide range of tools and blades, including:

  • Knives: Keep your kitchen knives razor-sharp for precision cutting.
  • Shears and Scissors: Ensure your scissors and shears deliver clean, effortless cuts every time.
  • Manicure and Pedicure Tools: Maintain the sharpness of your manicure and pedicure instruments.
  • Tweezers: Enhance the performance of your tweezers for precise grooming.

Local and Nationwide Services: With our headquarters in Mississauga, we proudly serve Toronto and surrounding areas with convenient in-person drop-off and pickup options. For our customers across Canada and the United States, we offer reliable mail-in sharpening services.

Why Choose U-tools for Sharpening?:

  • Precision and Quality: Our team of experts ensures your tools are sharpened to perfection, restoring them to their original condition.
  • Convenience: Whether you're in Toronto or anywhere else, our mail-in service makes it easy to get your tools sharpened.
  • Reliability: Count on us for prompt and efficient service, backed by years of experience.
  • Affordability: Quality sharpening doesn't have to break the bank. We offer competitive pricing to meet your budget.


Best Cuticle Nail Nipper Sharpening, before and After, Toronto Canada

Cuticle and nail nippers

$9.50 cuticle nippers + tax

$12 nail and ingrown toenail nippers + tax

$5 for spring replacement + tax

• we do not sharpen curved nippers

High Quality Stainless Steal Professional Cuticle Scissors

Cuticle and nail scissors

$9.50 + tax

Sharpening pushers, nippers, tweezers near me — Toronto Canada Mississauga

Pushers and tweezers

$9.50 + tax

Sharpening hair scissors, nippers, knives near me — Toronto Canada Mississauga

Hairdresser scissors

Blade up to 20 cm: $35 + tax

Blade 20+ cm $40 + tax

Curved pet scissors $40 + tax

Sharpening knives, nippers, scissors near me — Toronto Canada Mississauga

Knives, razors, daggers and other blades

Regular knives $1/cm of blade (min $15 per item) + tax

Japanese knives $2/cm of blade (min $30 per item) + tax

Meat grinder Sharpening in Toronto , Ontario, Canada

Meat grinder knife cutter + plate

$20 + tax

Sharpening near me — knives, scissors, tweezers — Toronto Canada Mississauga

Other tools

price varies, depends on the item — please send us a photo via sharpening form

min $30 per item

We cannot sharpen

Sharpening nippers, knives, tweezers, pushers Canada and United States

Curved or “moon” nippers

We can smooth the curve and make straight blades

Sharpening knives, nippers, tweezers near me — Toronto Canada Mississauga

Serrated “bread” knives

We can smooth it out and convert into a regular knife

Sharpening Delivery Options

1. Drop off your tools at our Mississauga location for free.
Simply use the contact form below to arrange a drop-off time.

2. Opt for our pick-up and delivery service for $18 ($9 one-way) in the GTA*
*please note, not all areas are included, it depends on a variety of factors. To find out if we can deliver to your area please send us a message.

The minimum sharpening amount for this option is $45 (equivalent of sharpening 5 cuticle nippers, scissors, tweezers etc).
To arrange a pick-up or delivery, use the contact form below.

3. Shipping
If you're not in the GTA, no problem! You can ship your tools to us via Canada Post or another shipping service, it may cost $5-$20+, depending on your location and shipping service.
Just pack your nippers in a bubbled envelope and send them to our address below. Before shipping, please contact us to confirm that we can sharpen your tools.

1202-3150 Golden Orchard drive
ON L4Y 3T7

Please use the contact form below prior to shipping tools to us. We have to confirm we can sharpen your tools first.


We won't ask for payment until after we've sharpened your tools and returned them to you.
We trust our customers to make the payment if they're satisfied with our services. You can see examples of our work on  Instagram page

Choose U-tools for top-quality tool sharpening services. Contact us today to arrange a drop-off, pick-up, or shipping!

Sharpening Request

Please fill out the form below, specifying the amount of tools you have, the delivery option, and your location. You can also send us an email at

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U-tools best sharpening in Canada — nippers, scissors, tweezers, pushers

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Sharpening nippers, scissors, knives, tweezers, pushers. Drop-off in Mississauga. Delivery in Toronto and GTA. Mail-in from Canada and Unites States.

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