All You Need to Know about Only Clean Bits — Safest Nail Drill Bits for E-File Manicure

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to the Only Clean Bits collection, the ultimate choice for nail technicians seeking safe and precise results.

Designed with utmost care and advanced technology, these drill bits guarantee superior performance while ensuring the safety of your clients' nails.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced technician, the Only Clean Bits collection offers a range of options to meet your specific needs.

Check out this video where a nail tech client of ours works with one of our most popular models:


The Difference Between Safe and Regular Bits

What sets Only Clean bits apart from traditional nail drill bits? Let's delve into the characteristics that make them the safest option for your manicure procedures. 

Only clean nail drill bit efile bits

Traditional nail drill bits often utilize abrasive materials, such as diamonds, for their cutting action. While effective, they may be harsh on the nails and cuticles, increasing the risk of damage or discomfort. Regular bits may require more frequent replacement due to the wearing down of the abrasive surface.

Only clean nail drill bits ceramic carbide safe bits for manicure cuticle removal

 Unlike regular bits, safe bits are non-abrasive, which means they don't rely on abrasive materials for their cutting action. Instead, they feature a polygonal working surface with six edges, ensuring a gentle and delicate cuticle removal process. These bits are designed to minimize the risk of trauma and are particularly suitable for clients with metal allergies or sensitive skin.

The Only Clean Collection

The Only Clean bits are a must-have for every nail technician looking for a reliable and safe solution. These drill bits feature a special polygonal working surface cutter, enabling extremely safe cuticle removal and effective cleaning of the nail walls. Let's explore the unique features and benefits of each bit in the collection:

Bit Name Head size Grit Description

Only Clean Drill Bit Ceramic OCC-4M

Only Clean Ceramic nail drill bit U-tools

1.8*3.0 mm
Medium Multi-angled bit designed for safe cuticle removal and cleaning. Suitable for individuals allergic to metals.

Only Clean Drill Bit OC-1L

Safe Only clean carbide metal bit for e-file manicure cuticle removal

2.0*8.0 mm
Medium Versatile bit for safe cuticle removal and thorough cleaning. Longer length for enhanced precision.

Only Clean Drill Bit OC Type 5M 

Metal only clean manicure nail drill bit for safe cuticle removal
1.2*2.5 mm
Medium Specifically designed for safe cleaning of cuticle pockets. Pointy end recommended for working with tiny cuticle. Provides gentle and effective results.

Only Clean Drill Bit OC-2F

Only clean metal nail drill bit for save cuticle removal e-file

1.6*3.0 mm
Fine Fine grit is recommended for working with sensitive nails. Offers a smooth and even surface after use. Same as 2M and 2C, but different grit. 

Only Clean Drill Bit OC-3M

Only clean e-file nail drill bit for manicure and pedicure U-tools
1.9*4.0 mm
Medium Suitable for safe and effective cuticle removal. Great for both beginners and experienced technicians.

Only Clean Drill Bit OC-2M

Only clean nail drill bit for efile manicure cuticle care
1.6*3.0 mm
Medium Ensures safe and precise cuticle cleaning. Provides excellent results for a polished nail surface. Same as 2F and 2C, but different drit. 

Only Clean Drill Bit OC-2C

Only clean nail drill bit metal burr for e-file manicure

1.6*3.0 mm
Coarse Designed for gentle and effective cuticle removal. Leaves the nails with a clean and polished appearance. Same as 2F and 2M, but different grit.


Safety and Maintenance

It's important to note that even with the use of safe drill bits, improper handling can still pose risks. Just like regular drill bits, it's essential to avoid applying excessive pressure on the nail plate during the manicure process. Maintaining a gentle and controlled approach is key to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of any drill bit.

Only clean nail drill bit ceramic manicure technician cuticle removal

To ensure the longevity and hygienic use of your Only Clean Bits, follow these essential steps after each client:

  1. Wash, clean, sterilize, and dry the bits using a solution of at least 70% alcohol.
  2. Store the bits in a clean and dry place to prevent contamination.
  3. Replace any worn-out or damaged bits to maintain optimal performance and safety.


The Only Clean Bits collection is a game-changer in the world of nail care, offering unparalleled safety and precision for nail technicians. From beginners to experienced professionals, these drill bits deliver exceptional results without compromising on the health and integrity of the nails. Enhance your nail services with the Only Clean Bits collection and experience the ultimate in safety and performance.