Silicone Nail Drill Bits


      One of the primary uses of silicone bits is to clean the skin from bumps and burrs. They effectively remove any rough edges or irregularities on the skin surrounding the nails, providing a clean and neat appearance.

       Silicone bits are also helpful in aligning the nail plate. They can be used to gently smooth out any unevenness or ridges on the surface of the nail, creating a more uniform base for nail polish application.

       Another important function of silicone bits is lifting the cuticles. By carefully and gently maneuvering the bit around the cuticle area, the cuticles can be lifted to allow the application of gel polish underneath. This helps in achieving a more precise and professional-looking manicure.

       Additionally, silicone bits are suitable for sensitive skin when cleaning the nails' walls. They are designed to be soft and gentle, minimizing any discomfort or irritation during the cleaning process.

       These silicone bits can be used in combination with oils or polishing creams. When paired with oil or a nourishing cream, they can provide added benefits such as resurfacing the skin and nourishing it, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturized.

      In summary, silicone bits for manicure are versatile tools used in the final stage of a manicure. They are used for cleaning the skin, aligning the nail plate, lifting cuticles, and cleaning the nails' walls. They can be paired with oil or polishing cream to provide additional benefits such as resurfacing and nourishing the skin. These bits are particularly suitable for sensitive skin due to their gentle nature.