Cuticle Nipper model XS - 6 mm jaw

Cuticle Nipper model XS - 6 mm jaw

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Premium Cuticle Nipper with manually sharpened and polished 5 mm jaw, hand–assembled joint and smooth double spring. The small blades ensure maximum cut precision.

The manually sharpened blades are perfectly adjusted to lift and snip the cuticle easily.

It withstands repeated sterilization without rusting or corroding. Vacuum heat treatment ensures stainless steel hardness (48–50 HRC) which prolongs service life (3 – 5 years).                                     

 This cuticle nipper is absolutely precise and very comfortable for smooth cutting.

Length — 120 mm; handles — 85 mm; jaw — 5-6 mm

Recommended for manicure.

Leather case included.