Cuticle Nipper Classic 12 - 8 mm Jaw


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Cuticle Nipper for personal and professional use with manually sharpened 8 mm jaw and smooth spring. The small blades ensure maximum precision. Similar to model Classic 12-5 mm but with elongated  jaw.

The design of Cuticle Nipper makes it easy to trim cuticles; it is absolutely precise, easy to hold and use, and comfortable for smooth cutting.

Designed for both righties and lefties, cuticle nippers ensure precise cut every use.

Cuticle Nipper is made from quality hot forged surgical stainless steel that is used for manufacturing surgical instruments.

Cuticle Nipper uses withstand repeated sterilization without rusting or corroding. It can be chemically sterilized or autoclaved without any damage.

Cuticle Nipper combines super active quality and competitive prices.

Recommended for manicure.

Length — 95 mm; handles — 75 mm; jaw — 8 mm.